Animal welfare is at the heart of APG Equine and our ethos. A poor saddle can cause long term damage and affect the horse’s entire musculoskeletal system. This will be avoided by fitting a good quality, well fitted saddle. We believe that every horse and rider who chooses our saddles for their discipline will achieve improved results. Our saddle range consists of:

  • General Purpose
  • Working Hunter
  • Cross Country
  • Event
  • Jump
  • Dressage
  • Race Exercise
  • Endurance

With a correctly selected and fitted saddle from this range we aim to provide the optimum holistic comfort for your horse and for you the rider. Each tailored saddle will have been manufactured and developed from original concept designs that date back to the Victorian era: a golden age, when standards of workmanship were not only exceptionally high but the welfare and comfort of the horse was paramount.

Carrying through this tradition, APG Equine are able to offer products from the only practising saddle maker whose knowledge and skills were developed under the tutelage of a Master Saddler who trained in Queen Victoria’s lifetime. Barry Swain is now passing on that experience to a new generation of saddlers who are making saddles that reach levels of excellence not enjoyed since that time, all without the compromises that are seen today in other mass production saddles. Barry is also the first saddler to be Certified Holistic under a national veterinary scheme operated by the British Association of Holistic Nutrition and Medicine, in collaboration with the Trading Standards Department, to provide a method of identifying equine products being made to a specific Quality Standard.

We are confident that we have the correct saddle for both your horse and for you. Our passion for uncompromising quality and the welfare of the horse is evident in each and every saddle, hand made by a single craftsman under a level of supervision expected of such a fine item. Your horse deserves the best that you can afford and we offer that to you.

All APG Equine products have been tested on a variety of horses, including our own, after which the effects have been checked by the use of the APG Equine Scanner.  Only APG Equine products offer this re-assurance to potential buyers.

Testimonial from Zabeel Racing Stables.

Pat McWilliams - "We have had an APG SemiFlex Race Exercise Saddle on test since November 2009.

From a training point of view and as an ex-Jockey we need a horse to open up and work itself fully and on using the APG SemiFlex Race Exercise Saddle I noticed a difference in the horses as they worked on their daily exercise. Within a few days all the horses using the saddle started working through their backs better and they were looser in the shoulder.

The saddle allowed space for the horses to develop and build muscle enabling strength and movement - and the good news is that the saddle changes with the horse.

If I had not witnessed and experienced the benefits myself I would not have believed the difference these saddles make. I have no hesitation in recommending an APG SemiFlex Race Exercise Saddle to any training yard."