Spinal Therapy

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APG-Equine offers McTimoney-Corley spinal therapy as a method of restoring health by gentle but very effective corrective manipulation of the bones of the head, spinal column, pelvis and limbs. This ensures the proper functioning of the nervous and endocrine systems that control the natural self-healing capability of the body.

The therapy is a whole body technique created by John McTimoney and developed by Hugh Corley for the promotion of good health and general well-being in people and animals.

By working with the body rather than against it, bones are coaxed gently back into the correct position by adjustments that encourage soft tissue release.

This therapy is effective on both humans and animals, including horses. Rather than relying on x-ray machines, therapists have been trained to assess bone misalignments by using their hands and to correct any subluxations with highly refined yet extremely gentle manipulations.

Spinal therapy can offer animals relief from common problems such as: arthritis and rheumatism; back, neck and limb pain; lameness and gait abnormalities; muscle weakness, asymmetry, wasting and spasm; problems resulting from falls, slips and traumas.

And, specifically in horses: asymmetry such as stiffness in one rein or a disunited canter; sore areas along the spine; uneven wear of shoes; unexplained deterioration in performance; uncharacteristic behavioural changes such as rearing and bucking; lameness following a fall or other trauma where alternative causes have been eliminated. And, most importantly, badly fitting saddles.

It is not commonly recognised that a rider can cause problems in a horse’s back by not sitting squarely or by having a poorly fitted or badly made saddle; the rider may well be suffering from pelvic torsion, thereby not giving the horse the correct aids. A consultation for spinal therapy with APG-Equine will include, if necessary, both rider and horse.

Spinal therapy in apg-equine is exclusively administered by Annette Penny who trained as an animal (and human) chiropractor over twelve years ago at the former Oxford College of Chiropractic and is a Member of the UK Royal College of Chiropractors. She has worked internationally with performance horses of all disciplines. Annette no longer uses the title “chiropractor” as it does not completely describe the range of care and treatments she now offers through APG-Equine. Annette has recently been working in the UAE and has extended the therapy very successfully to racing camels.

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